Setting Resolutions for 2016

By Kent Braaten. Updated on December 23, 2015

This is the time of year that we often reflect on the previous year and find ourselves setting resolutions for the next year.  I am no exception. Last year I made the decision to switch up my entire lifestyle and become the best, healthiest version of myself.  I was tired of feeling run down, and frustrated that I wasn’t giving myself every opportunity to succeed in all aspects of my life.  I felt I was at a crossroads and was ready to make a drastic change in my life.  This resulted in the realization that I could be both successful in my career, and take proper care of myself, and that both things were dependent on each other. I made the decision to hire a personal trainer, started eating healthier, and cut back on my beer intake. My story is an extreme one and I have learned a lot about setting goals for myself and pushing my own boundaries.

With another calendar year coming to a close, it means another year of exceeded, completed, and possibly some forgotten resolutions.  Often, at this time of year, people get ambitious with their goals for change. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of a new year and new beginnings, but it is important to ensure we set attainable goals that we can meet or exceed, rather than setting ourselves up to fail. You want to be able to cross those items off your list so you can come to the end of the year with a fresh perspective and a sense of accomplishment. A tactic to help you set the best goals possible for yourself this year is to use the SMART rule. This rule helps us set goals that are:


S - simple

M - measurable

A - attainable

R - realistic

T - time-bound


Simple: Keep things as simple as possible. There is no need to complicate things with elaborate goals and expectations. Write down one resolution at a time that has one purpose.

Measurable: How can you measure your progress? It always feels good to hit both small and large milestones – it’s how we tell if we’re succeeding or not.

Attainable: Don’t set the bar too high. If you want to run a marathon but its your first one, start with a 10km run or a half marathon.

Realistic: Setting yourself up for failure is a sure-fire way to not complete a goal, and be discouraged to finish others. If you want to make it to the gym more, but have a busy work/home schedule, try starting at 2 – 3 days a week instead of 5 or 6.

Time-bound: When setting your goals put checks in place to track your progress. Often we don’t realize how far we’ve come or on the opposite side, how much time has gone by.

Now that you’re set up for some SMART goals, go make your list. Share the one you most want to happen with friends and family. And if you have any questions for how I have stuck to my goals over the past year reach out – I’m happy to help out a fellow goal setter!

Saskatoon Holiday Shopping Guide

By Kent Braaten. Updated on November 27, 2015

As the Holiday season is now upon us, the clock is ticking to beat the rush and get your shopping done. Maybe you’re a master gift-giver and have the perfect thing picked out for everyone on your list, but chances are there is at least one person that is tough to buy for, or you don’t have a clue where to look. That’s where this guide comes in! Here is a Saskatoon holiday shopping guide where you can find the perfect something for every type of person on your list. And the best part is: the suggested stores and options are mostly Saskatoon-owned and local businesses. Happy Shopping!


Local clothing stores

  • Luna + Hill
  • Hardpressed
  • Olson + Burke
  • Anthony’s Fashion

Unique finds

  • Hazelwood
  • The Better Good
  • Midmod Vintage
  • Soul Paper

Furniture & Home Décor

  • Anthology Home Collection
  • Garden Architecture & Design
  • Green Ark
  • Area Home + Lifestyle

Health Nut

  • Thrive Juice Co
  • Yoga Studio Membership to one of the local studios such as One Yoga, Ground Yoga, Moksha Yoga or Hot Yoga on 20th.
  • Personal Training Sessions at Next Level Training Center
  • Gym membership to Freedom Functional Fitness

Wine & Beer Connoisseurs alike

  • Lucky Bastard Distillery
  • Black Fox Spirits
  • Living Sky Winery
  • Nine Mile


  • Escape Sports
  • Outter Limits
  • Grip It rock climbing membership
  • SunDogs Dogsledding Excursions

For the Do-er

  • Cooking lessons at Simons Fine Foods
  • Art Classes at 4Cats Saskatoon
  • Passes to Apex Trampoline Park
  • Dance Lessons at Saskatoon Salsa

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