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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Saskatchewan, one of the first steps taken in the real estate industry was to eliminate open houses throughout the province. After all, the whole idea was to bring groups of potential buyers together into one space! And with the world moving to contactless options wherever possible, we knew that we had to do our part to re-evaluate what our open houses look like in order to keep both our home buyers and sellers as safe as possible.

Open Houses in Saskatchewan During COVID-19

The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association (SRA) announced this week that the ban on open houses in the province was being lifted. This doesn’t mean that it’s back to business as usual, though. Just as we have changed the way we work to offer safe

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There are hundreds of Saskatoon REALTORS® to choose from, so when the time comes to buy or sell your house, it can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve all heard the horror stories of terrible real estate agents and when it comes to one of the largest transactions of your life, that’s one nightmare you don’t want to become your reality. So how do you decide? How do you figure out who will be the right fit for you?

Start With Referrals & Reviews

The best place to start your search for the best Saskatoon REALTOR® for you is to go straight to the source—past clients. If your friends and family own homes, there’s a pretty good chance that they had to work with a real estate agent to get there, which means they either have a

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Whether you are moving to the Saskatoon area for work or are simply looking for a change, you may find yourself searching for surrounding communities, rather than homes for sale in the city itself. While some prefer the shorter commute and extensive access to amenities and entertainment that city living can provide, others may prefer the quiet of a smaller town. Thankfully, there are a number of towns surrounding Saskatoon to choose from—and I’m not talking about just Warman or Martensville, which we already know and love. I'm talking about the many other amazing ones you may not have already heard of!

Here are just a few of the Saskatoon surrounding towns to consider when searching for your next home:


Dalmeny is a thriving young

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With the Re-Open Saskatchewan initiative now officially underway and businesses and services beginning to reopen slowly over the coming weeks, many of you may be wondering whether it is safe to buy or sell your home. And couldn’t be happier to tell you that it certainly is...with the right precautions, of course. 

Real Estate During COVID-19

Here in Saskatoon, real estate services earned the designation as an essential service early on, and has continued to maintain that status throughout the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is, as long as people need a place to live, they will need the help of a REALTOR®. However, real estate as it stands today looks much different than it did before the coronavirus hit. 

In order to continue

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One of the best things about Saskatoon is its stunning collection of beautifully-preserved historic homes. Scattered throughout the city, you can find these communities of culture and character that tell the unique past of times before us that can be hard to find in many places nowadays. And with their distinct architectural features and design characteristics, it's not hard to see why you may find yourself searching for “historic homes for sale” as your next real estate venture!

From ornate fireplaces and crown mouldings to established, mature landscaping, there are many benefits to buying a historic house. However, there are also some disadvantages that you’ll definitely want to factor in when considering the purchase, as well. 


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Welcome too 1116 K Avenue N in the heart of Saskatoon's Hudson Bay Park neighbourhood. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home boasts many upgrades. Huge beautiful private backyard perfect for relaxing. The house has new windows, furnace, upgraded electrical, upgrade plumbing, central air conditioning. Check out the Youtube video slideshow and the 3D virtual Home tour. Link to the listing below. $219,900.

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If you have been thinking about selling your home, likely the most pressing question on your mind is, “How much is my home actually worth?” Much like how a car’s value starts to change the moment you drive it off the dealer’s lot, your home’s value similarly changes over time. And depending on a variety of factors that influence how the real estate market is today, that could mean appreciation or depreciation. 

The best way to get a quick and free assessment of your home’s valuation is to have a comparative market analysis done by an experienced and knowledgeable Saskatoon REALTOR®. They use real market data and real buyer experiences to help you get an accurate understanding of what people are willing to pay for your home right now. Here are some

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With the rapid population growth in the past few years, new build homes have been popping up seemingly everywhere here in Saskatoon. And with the recent announcement of the Government of Saskatchewan’s new PST rebate, buying a new construction home is more attractive than ever! Buying a brand new home is slightly different than buying just any home, however; and if you’re considering making that move right now, there are a few things you should know before getting started.

The Pros of Buying New Build Homes

Buying a new build property can come with many attractive benefits for prospective homeowners! First and foremost, many buyers love the idea that they will be the first owners. By starting clean and fresh, they feel they can really put their

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For many first time home buyers, the natural assumption that the first step in buying a home is choosing the right neighbourhood, searching for homes online, and going for showings with their REALTOR®. But what they may not know is that before they even begin their search, the best first step in their journey to homeownership is getting pre-approved for a mortgage!  

What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

A mortgage pre-approval is the first step to buying a home, taken before you even start your search. It is when a potential buyer meets with a mortgage broker or lender and starts the mortgage application process before buying a home to get a clear idea of what kind of home loan they qualify for. This gives them the clarity in what they can afford,

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If you’ve been thinking about selling your house, there’s a good chance you’ve been making plans for some renovations that will attract buyers to your home. When it comes to the value of a potential property in a buyer’s mind, simple upgrades and repairs can go a long way; especially in the kitchen! Here’s what’s trending in kitchen renovations right now:

Colourful Cabinets

Gone are the days of pearly white cabinets that are in constant need of a wipe down. Instead, what we are seeing is a rising trend of cabinets being refinished with a colourful coat of paint to add a pop of contrast to the space, especially when partnered with white tile backsplashes and lighter-toned countertops. 

To make this simple shift in your kitchen, start by

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