How To Boost Your Curb Appeal

Posted by Kent Braaten on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 9:29am.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home right away, updating and maintaining your home shows you take pride in owning it.

Clean the exterior. Dirt, grime, and cobwebs can accumulate on your home’s exterior. Use a pressure washer to remove the buildup and give your home a fresh look.  Wash the windows inside and out, clean gutters and doors – including your garage door.

Paint. Painting is a great way to boost your homes curb appeal.  Update your home with a coat or two of the same colour or choose a new shade.  If you choose to pant the same color you can scrape a small swatch of paint to take to the paint store to have it matched.  Also paint your doors and trim in a complimentary shade. Don’t forget to prep the surface area before you start painting to ensure your paint lasts longer.

Install vinyl siding. Protect the exterior of your home with vinyl siding.  This durable, low maintenance option is available in a wide range of colors. To keep it looking new, clean it with a power washer periodically. While vinyl siding tends to be low maintenance, you may need to replace your siding if you notice any moisture or damage from extreme weather or wildlife.

Repair or replace the roof. If you roof is in good shape hire a professional to clean it and remove any dirt build up.  If it’s due for replacement, it might be best to do so before listing. If you aren’t planning to sell your home soon, proper maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Pay attention to the details. Polish or replace your hardware.  Purchase new house numbers with same finish as your hardware.  Update the style of your exterior lighting, if you’re replacing lights, ensure you look for lights with the same mounting system as your current ones.  

Maintain your landscape.  A well maintained landscaped lawn adds to your homes appeal.  Mow the lawn regularly, mulch and weed garden beds and prune any overgrown shrubs.  You can add color to your yard with a few potted plants or flowers.

Stay on top of maintenance.  Not only does keeping up with maintenance prevent costly repairs, it can also help the value of your home.  Tasks such as resealing cracked asphalt, replacing mortar between bricks or touching up faded paint may seem insignificant, but these small items can stand out to potential buyers and leave a negative impression.

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