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Riversdale is an older inner city neighbourhood located near the center of Saskatoon. It includes the business district of 20th Street and consists mostly of low-density, single detached dwellings. As of 2011, the area is home to 2,135 residents. Incorporated as a town in 1905, Riversdale was one of the three original settlements that merged to form the city of Saskatoon in 1906. Princess Alexandra Community School is located just west of downtown in the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon

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Average Price $380K
Lowest Price $25
Highest Price $4.2M
Total Listings 46
Avg. Days On Market 74
Avg. Price/SQFT $257

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Unveiling the Charm of Riversdale, Saskatoon

Nestled in the heart of Saskatoon, alongside the rhythmic currents of the South Saskatchewan River, Riversdale stands tall and proud. This neighbourhood, bursting with character and tales of yesteryears, is an emblem of Saskatoon's multifaceted persona.

Riversdale is a tapestry of events, stories, and transformations, all sewn together from its inception in the 1800s. Initially functioning as an independent town before merging with Saskatoon, this locality has been a witness to various eras. The architecture of this region stands as a testament to its rich legacy, with several heritage edifices standing firm, narrating tales from the past.

The latter half of the 20th century posed challenges to Riversdale. The neighbourhood experienced socio-economic hardships, reflected in vacant store windows and hushed streets. However, the dawn of the new millennium brought a fresh zest of life and vigor. Through the combined efforts of local visionaries, residents, and strategic planners, Riversdale has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Today, one can witness a delightful blend of quaint cafes, artistic corners, and a splash of local flavours, making it a hive of activity and attraction.

Riversdale resonates with the diverse melodies of its varied inhabitants. Over the decades, this enclave has embraced people from different backgrounds, cultures, and histories, making it a cosmopolitan hotspot. This confluence is evident in the myriad of art pieces, culinary diversities, and festive celebrations that dot its calendar.

The vintage Roxy Theatre, an emblematic beacon of Riversdale, isn't just a portal to cinematic experiences but also an architectural homage to a bygone era, coalescing seamlessly with contemporary vibes.

Riversdale’s geographical setting renders it an enviable canvas of natural beauty. The adjacent South Saskatchewan River offers panoramic vistas and an avenue for recreation. Summers see the riverbanks come alive with fitness enthusiasts and families, while the chill of winter morphs the river into a crystalline wonderland, beckoning ice-skaters and winter sports aficionados.

Riversdale's essence is its robust sense of community bonding. This spirit is palpable in endeavors like the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market – a nucleus for local artisans and growers. It transcends being a mere marketplace, morphing into a venue for community storytelling and camaraderie.

With a canvas of promising developments on the horizon and the relentless spirit of its denizens, Riversdale is poised for a future that promises growth, inclusivity, and vibrancy.

Riversdale is not just a geographic region in Saskatoon; it's a living, breathing narrative. A mosaic of the old and new, it invites every visitor to immerse in its stories, celebrate its diversity, and be enthralled by its ever-evolving charm. A day in Riversdale promises more than mere sightseeing; it's an experience, a memory, a chapter added to one's travelogue.


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